Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard steals Phillie Phanatic’s ATV

Noah Syndergaard has been a busy man the past two nights.On Sunday evening, the Mets’ ace dazzled the Marlins, to sing seven innings and allowing just one run and five hits while striking out nine.MORE:Players critical of MLB’s new no-pitch intentional walkOn Monday, Thor found a way to torture another NL East foe, on his rest day; he stole the Phillie Phanatic’s famous ATV before the game. Opponents me sing with the Phanatic is sort of a rite of pa sage. Just ask former Dodgersskipper Tommy Lasorda.MORE: Mets top Phils; box score statsAll in all, it’s pretty cool that Syndergaard, a known hater of mascots,has joined in on the time -honored tradition of screwing around with the big green creature from the Galapagos.Still, Thor claims he was simply stole the vehicle as vengeance for the Phanatic making fun of teammate Curtis Granderson.Me s with Grandy and there will be consequences. #GTA #ATVJack Noah Syndergaard (@Noahsyndergaard) April 11, 2017

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